We are so excited to announce the hiring of Abbi Rose as our new Executive Director! From founder, volunteer, intern, ministry coordinator, and now ED, Abbi had worn many hats and we are excited to continue on this journey of building more compassionate communities with her leading the way. 

Please take a few moments to watch this special video from Board Chair Andy Burdsall:

A Message From Executive Director Abbi Rose:

As I write this letter to you all, I am in complete awe. I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet that I am an Executive Director. But it is not just the job that has me speechless. It is the fact that I am now the Executive Director for the best organization in the WORLD, Barren Heights. Now that may just be my biased opinion; however, I truly believe it. As many of you may know, Toni Rose is one of Barren Heights founders, as well as the previous Executive Director.  I, Abbi Rose, am her youngest daughter. I would love to take a moment and share a little bit about myself and about the future of Barren Heights.

A Bit About Me:

– I graduated from WKU with a degree in social work.

– I am currently 22 years old and 4 feet 10 inches. I’m extremely young and short, trust me, I know.

– My favorite food is mac and cheese, but never eat it as a way to practice my self-control.

– I am almost always playing music; however, I am a horrible singer.

– I am extremely competitive when it comes to pretty much any sport, Or really any game. I like to think of this as a good characteristic that helps me strive towards improvement.

– I may not be the nicest person in the morning.

– I love serving others. Seeing other people happy makes me happy.

–  Jesus is my rock.

– Barren Heights is my family. I grew up there. From the age of seven until I was 13, I served at every retreat weekend.

The Position:

As you hear the news that Toni’s young daughter is succeeding her, you are probably having   several different thoughts. I would love to explain how this happened. It was God. I truly feel like leading this ministry with the help and support of the board is currently God’s calling for my life. I have worked for Barren Heights for over a year now and have been a part of the ministry since day one, 14 years ago; and there is nowhere else I would rather be than where I am now.

Honestly, I put off applying for the position for the longest time, yet I kept feeling a nudge to put my name in the ring. My thoughts were probably similar to yours…“The board isn’t looking for someone my age.” “I don’t have the experience they are looking for.” “What if they are considering me just because I am Toni’s daughter?” Despite all these thoughts, I continued to feel that nudge. Thus, I began the application process, still never fully believing that I would be chosen. This was probably just a faith test like God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, right?  Wrong.

Lo and behold, on Monday, September 17th, I was offered the job as Barren Heights’ next Executive Director and I am reminded again and again that God does not call the equipped, he equips the called.  I could not be more humbled or thrilled about this incredible opportunity. The board has plans to help me learn, grow, and develop in this leadership position and I am looking forward to soaking it all in like a sponge.

The Future:

I hope to serve God, the board, the staff, the donors, the guests, the volunteers, and the future generations of the Barren Heights community to the best of my abilities. I am so excited to learn and grow in this role while working with our board and amazing staff. With God guiding this organization, our future children and grandchildren will be serving and attending Barren Heights retreats and events.

Thank you so much for your faith and confidence in me. I am extremely excited about this opportunity.


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