5/3/11 update:

Congratulations Bill, for completing all four races in support of Barren Heights.  32.4 miles total, capped off by his personal best time in the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon 1:54:20


You can pledge your support for Bill Carlisle’s racing efforts while giving families who have children with disabilities the opportunity for a fun and refeshing weekend retreat.   

Bill is collecting donations to help support the Barren Heights’ general fund as he participates in the following road races:

Anthem 5k – February 26th (completed)

Rodes 10k – March 12th (completed)

Papa Johns 10 Miler – March 26th (completed)

Derby Festival Mini Marathon – (completed – 1:54:20)

Bill relays that  “It’s nice to have a purpose in my training and completing these runs, other than personal gains and goals” 

The Carlisle family has volunteered at Barren Heights Retreat each season since its inception.  Our very own Kendra Dukes and Mike Amos (Board Members) will be joining Bill for the Mini Marathon.    Go TEAM!

Click Here to encourage Bill and to support Barren Heights.