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Each brick paver represents a $250 donation to the project. An entire  section can be purchased for $5000. “Brick” and “Section” donations will be acknowledged on the building with a permanent plaque.

At our 2011 Benefit Dinner, we rolled out plans for the New Barn and kicked off the “Paving the Way” capital campaign drive.

The New Barn is designed to meet a variety of needs, such as:

  1. Housing retreat leaders on campus instead of offsite
  2. Serving as an accessible storm shelter
  3. Allowing us to offer laundry services to our guests, and
  4. Providing space for chapel services, when conditions prevent us from hosting “Barn Church”

The project is a BIG TASK for a small, grassroots, all volunteer, organization. We need your help to PAVE THE WAY.

Our Building Committee estimates that the project will cost between $130,000 and $150,000. This is not a luxurious million dollar facility. Every inch has been well planned, carefully and prayerfully considered. Every inch has been deemed essential.

There is momentum and excitement surrounding the next chapter of Barren Heights. We hope to break ground in April.

Please join us in this great adventure!