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The Thomas Family

The Thomas family attended the first retreat of the season. While swinging on her cabin porch swing, Sarah recorded a Facebook live video sharing the best parts about her weekend. She can hardly put into words what the weekend meant to her, but you can hear the genuine gratitude in her voice. In addition to the Facebook Live video, Sarah also gave us a 5 star review on Facebook saying: 

“Peace! A safe place for our family to recharge, and reconnect! A true gift of time and safety, and space for healing and restoration from all the crazy that is the goings ons of our everyday life! We are super grateful for your ministry! It is so needed! It makes space for our special needs kiddos in the community. Personally for us, it came at the perfect time! It was a divine “time-out” 

Watch Facebook Live Video Here

The Saenz Family

The Saenz family drove all the way from Miami, Florida just to attend a weekend at Barren Heights. How did they hear about us all the way down in Florida? They heard from a family who lives in North Carolina! We have now served guests from 17 different states across our region and beyond. The coolest part of this story is that there was a slight language barrier, but it didn’t put a damper on the weekend at all. Freddie, the father and a pastry chef, brought desserts for the entire retreat, and the volunteers went above and beyond to connect through their actions.  Love, kindness, and service are a universal language that anyone can understand. Actions really do speak louder than words!

The Faulkner Family

The Faulkner family was so excited to attend their retreat because all summer, they have been hosting their own mini version of Barren Heights! They have a personal cabin, and have been inviting one special needs family at a time to come enjoy a weekend with their family.

During mom’s time on Sunday morning, Heather expressed that she was amazed by seeing her son accepted by other teenagers, and his siblings not having to be embarrassed about him. Our objective for every single weekend is for all guests to feel loved, accepted, welcome, and safe. We love that the Faulkner family not only felt this while they were at the retreat, but are also doing their job to make sure other families feel the same. We are excited for them to return as a host family next year!

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