Hi former guests!

We hope you are enjoying this warm weather and looking forward to the summer months. Here at Barren Heights we are gearing up to begin our 2018 retreat season on June 1st, only one month away! We are so excited to serve new families and see how God shows up once again To launch the 2018 summer retreat season, we need your help to send 25 families to camp. You came, now will you help send another family on a life changing weekend vacation?

While weekend retreats are free of charge for everyone involved, the reality is that there is still a great expense. Hosting a weekend retreat costs $800 per guest family. We are asking you to partner with us in giving 25 more families a weekend vacation they will remember forever. Imagine if the cost for these 25 new guests was graciously covered through the collective support of past guests who know and understand the lasting impact a short weekend can leave.

I know this sounds daunting and you are maybe already writing this off. We are not asking you to do this alone. We have found through our years of experience that people who care about you and your family are willing and ready to give towards causes that they know matter to you. They just need to be asked. Often, we are afraid of the ask. We get it, it can be intimidating! What if they say no? But then again, what if they say yes? Barren Heights is built on our wonderful community who has again and again said “yes” when asked. Every little bit matters, and every little bit contributes towards a weekend that will change lives.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO is follow these four easy steps:

  1. Click on the link below to go to our campaign page and then click the “I want to fundraise for this” button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter your name and email to quickly create an account.
  3. Personalize your fundraising page with a personal note to family and friends sharing what a weekend at Barren Heights meant to your family. Optional: Add a personal goal.
  4. Get started! Send your link to friends and family through text email, or by posting on your Facebook page. Share, share and share again!

Set up your campaign page HERE

We believe this is a great way both to spread awareness about the ministry and to cover the upcoming retreat season in prayer while expanding the Barren Heights Community. We want to be sure to thank every one of you who partners with us by creating a personal fundraising page:

  • For every single person who participates by creating and sharing their own personalized fundraising page, you will receive recognition in our newsletter and on our website.
  • For every single person whose personal page raises $100, you will receive the above AND a handwritten thank you and a Barren Heights bumper sticker!
  • For every single person whose personal page raises $400, you will receive all of the above AND a 10×10 photo canvas of your family from your weekend at Barren Heights
  • For every single person whose personal page raises $800 and sponsors one family’s entire weekend, you will receive all of the above AND 2 free tickets to our 2018 Gala on November 10th!

We are sending this email out to almost 1000 former guests. If only 5% of you participate and raise $400 each, then we have reached our goal. If only 20%, or 200, of you create a personal page and raise $100 each, then we have reached our goal! If half of you participate and raise $50 each then we have exceeded our goal.

An old African proverb says: “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” We want to go far, and we are counting on you to come together and help us get there. Individually we can make a difference but together we can create change. Together we can give 25 families a life changing weekend.

After her stay at the Retreat Center, one guest mom wrote:

“Our family had the best time here! We have laughed and made friends and felt safe doing it. Our kids made friends and we didn’t have to worry about the outside world or safety being here.”

Although these victories may seem small to the average person, you know that they are not. That’s why we’re asking you to help us ensure that more families like yours will get to experience the life-changing beauty of Barren Heights.

When we answer the call, God moves!