is simply to love and encourage families. We do this primarily by providing free weekend retreats and hosting community outreach events for families who have children with physical or developmental disabilities.


is to create more compassionate communities through families serving families with the love of Christ and led by the Holy Spirit to further the Kingdom of God.


We will honor and glorify God with our service. Our actions will be above reproach. We will do all things in love. We will be wise stewards of God’s provisions. We will strive for excellence. We will bahe our mission in prayer. Our foundation is God’s word.  

Comments from our Guest Families

  • “This retreat helped our family get centered.”
  • “There are so few places we can go as a family with a child in a wheelchair.”
  • “This is the best place I’ve ever gone on vacation.” (note: this child has been to Disney more than once)
  • “I’m ready to face what lies ahead.”
  • “Thank you, we will definitely spread the word.”
  • “I think God spends His weekends at Barren Heights.”
  • “We would like to come back as a host family.”
  • “We never agree on anything and yet we all agree that Barren Heights is awesome.”
  • “This was just what we needed.”