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House Rules

Respect – although Barren Height’s volunteers and facilities are here to serve you and to meet your needs, we expect your courtesy and respect. Treat the volunteers the way Christ would treat them. Treat the buildings and grounds in a similar manner. We desire to cultivate and maintain a Christian environment that enables our guests and our volunteers to glorify the Lord.

Decent and modest clothing is required. Bikinis, short shorts, slit shorts, Speedo swimsuits (men) and see-through tops are not permitted. Pajamas or lounge sleepwear are not to be worn in public areas. Footwear is to be worn at all times.

Only “G” or “PG” rated movies are to be shown on the grounds. In an attempt to foster a Christian environment, we encourage you to use discretion in your music/radio selections. Barren Heights has the final authority on all matters pertaining to movies and music.

No alcoholic beverages/tobacco products/drugs are allowed anywhere or anytime on the premises. Barren Heights is a non-smoking environment.

No guns/knives/weapons of any kind are permitted anywhere or anytime on the premises. If brought to the facility, leaders will be required to lock them in their trunks or secure them in the director’s office.

No fireworks of any kind are permitted.

Pets and other animals are not allowed.

Quiet Time begins at 10:00 PM (Central) to show consideration to other guest and retreat neighbors. Additionally, all court and pavilion lights must be turned off at this time.

Retreat Premises of Barren Heights are limited to the grounds within the gravel paths and the pond area. Surrounding land and cabins are private property and not affiliated with Barren Heights. Please do not trespass on private areas.

* Exceptions to the above House Rules may be granted for special circumstances with prior approval from the Executive Director.