As a man touched by special needs…

Do you desire to connect with other men who are experiencing the same challenges as you?

Have you wanted to participate in the Barren Heights Men’s Community events, but life just gets in the way?

Do you feel alone in your struggles, like nobody understands what you’re going through?


Dads, we have an exciting announcement for you…the completion of our Shell Shocked video podcast series!

 This is a no strings attached resource, featuring our own Barren Heights dads, specifically to encourage YOU. This is our initiative to connect with you right where you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions above, then the Barren Heights Men’s Community is excited to provide these videos to make it easier for you to connect with a group of men who understand.

 In these videos you will meet a group of men touched by special needs. You will hear how having a child with special needs has  affected their approach to the world around them and the processes they’re going through while adapting to a new way of life.

We invite you to check out each of the six videos below. If you find the videos beneficial, then please share them with any friends or groups who you think would also benefit!


You are not fighting this battle alone.


Episode 00: Introduction

A brief introduction to Barren Heights and the Shell Shocked Video series.

Episode 01: Battle Buddies

Meet the Battle Buddies of Barren Heights. This is the first video of the Shell Shocked video series. In this video you’ll meet a group of men as they share what it is like to be the dad of a child with special needs.

Episode 02: Diagnosis Day

When men learn they have, or will have, a child with special needs they are confronted with the fact that things will never be the same. For many, this is like a bomb going off in their lives. In this video podcast you’ll hear men recount the ͞day the bomb went off͟ and the effect the diagnosis they received has had on their lives.

Episode 03: Duck and Cover

Just like a wounded animal, men respond to distress with a fight or flight instinct. In this video podcast you’ll learn how these men, with a ringing in their ears and the debris of their shattered expectations still settling around them, react once they pick themselves up from the ground.

Episode 04: Fog of War

The condition known as Fog of War describes the uncertainty in situational awareness that causes misdirection of response in battle. As a follow up to Duck and Cover, this video explores the ͞fight͟ response of men trying to answer ͞why͟ they are in this situation and how their responses were misdirected.

Episode 05: Collateral Damage

The risks of divorce and family dysfunction is greater in homes living with special needs. Our coping mechanisms often effect those that are closest to us. In our isolation or anger we often overlook how our actions effect our loved ones. In this video, we identify the unintended outcomes and explore how our relationships have been affected.

Episode 06: Foxhole

In battle a foxhole provides both protection from attack and support from fellow soldiers. In the same way God establishes community as means of support us as we battle life’s challenges. In this video you will hear your Battle Buddies describe how important it was for them to connect with a community of men as they have learned how adapt to a life with special needs.

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